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Our mission is to make the world happier and healthier.
Calm Kids is an application that focuses specifically on children's mental wellness. Based in Silicon Valley, Calm Kids is a technology start-up project developed by a Vietnamese team.With the theme of “Good Sleep, Yoga and Mindfulness” for children, the Calm Kids team believes that by building good habits and a present-centered lifestyle in a scientific and sustainable way early on, our next generations will have a solid psychological and thinking foundation to face future difficulties with an open and positive spirit.


The exercises improve children's ability to focus, to be aware of each moment in the present for what it really is without judgment.


Mental health must always go hand in hand with physical health. Designed specifically for young children, Calm Kids Yoga exercises will help build a flexible and healthy body for your children.


Nurture a strong and healthy mind with a foundation of quality sleep for your baby with enchanting bedtime stories and relaxing tranquil music.

We're a small and mighty team passionate about mental fitness, relaxation and sleep.

We're hiring a few more superstars. Maybe you'd like to join us!?

Calm Kids Team