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About Us

Inviting all the young voyagers to journey on the magical quest of moment-by-moment awareness, also known as Mindfulness. The married duo, Lizzie Do, and Neil Dang are no strangers to the miracles of building healthy wellness practices. As tech founders and wellness advocates, they came together to form Calm Kids-an enchanting space for youth-focused calming exercises to support kids in regulating their emotions and cultivating healthy habits. Calm Kids began as a passion project in June 2019 and officially launched in December 2021 with a talented team of developers and UX designers. Today the company has over 150 content cards and is devoted to instilling a Mindful lifestyle in future generations. Through embracing Five Sense techniques, Mini Body Scans, engaging game activities, and endless possibilities, the little explorers’ mission to experience the calming wonders of Mindfulness starts here.


The exercises improve children's ability to focus, to be aware of each moment in the present for what it really is without judgment.


Mental health must always go hand in hand with physical health. Designed specifically for young children, Calm Kids Yoga exercises will help build a flexible and healthy body for your children.


Nurture a strong and healthy mind with a foundation of quality sleep for your baby with enchanting bedtime stories and relaxing tranquil music.

We're a small and mighty team passionate about mental fitness, relaxation and sleep.

We're hiring a few more superstars. Maybe you'd like to join us!?