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We understand the importance of mental and physical well-being in today's fast-paced world, and we believe that mindfulness is a key tool to promote calm and balance in children's lives.

Together, we are on a mission to empower children with mindfulness techniques and watch them grow into their best selves.

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Calm Kids - Where Kids find Calm inside out

Calm Kid is a mobile app that focuses on children's mental health. With the theme of "Good Sleep, Yoga, and Mindfulness" for children. It gives children inside-out emotions activities. The Calm Kids team believes that by instilling good habits and a present-centered lifestyle in our future generations scientifically and long-term through using calming techniques for kids, they will be better prepared to face future challenges with an open and positive attitude.

This program offers novices, calming strategies for kids, frequent meditators, visual and auditory processors, children, teenagers, and adults opportunities to relax and concentrate. Explore the numerous options accessible after downloading Calm Kids, so you're comfortable with what's available before a stressful time, restless night, or challenging homework session strikes you or your child. Encourage children to choose and listen to a Calm sleep tale if they have trouble going asleep.

Why did we Start this Project?

We start this project to help parents with calming kids. This app focuses on mindfulness and meditation for children to improve mental health through inside-out emotions activities. The exercises included in this application assist youngsters in dealing with everyday stress and anxiety. We start this project to provide a positive approach to children's wellbeing by providing calming techniques for kids.

With this app, kids may practice de-stressing, calming down, and navigating the complexities of emotions in every setting. At the same time, emphasizing the advantages of mindfulness, such as improved concentration, self-control, engagement, attention, Academic success and the capacity to solve problems, and a reduction in stress, anxiety, and sadness.

Calm Kids app has covered all of these topics and added contemplative exercises to help kids make it a habit. Every feature of this application is very calming for kids. Nurturing a firm mental foundation for kids with good feelings and a focus on the present are among the mindfulness exercises for kids.

Statistics of Stress Level

According to the latest Stress research from the American Psychological Association, there is a disconnect between what children say they are worried about and what their parents believe is putting them under strain. This gap might have long-term consequences for children's mental and physical health.

Children aged 8 to 17 report they are concerned about doing well in school, getting into excellent universities, and their family's financial situation. They also complain of headaches, insomnia, and unsettled stomachs.

However, according to survey data, parents' pressures and symptoms go mostly unreported. In reality, more than one-third of youngsters say they've had a headache in the last month, yet only 13% of parents believe their children's headaches get caused by stress. Furthermore, although 44% of youngsters report sleeping problems, just 13% of parents believe their children are having issues sleeping.

According to the poll, around one-fifth of youngsters say they worry a lot, yet just 3% of parents say their children's stress is high (an 8, 9, or 10 on a 10-point scale). Furthermore, almost 30% of youngsters were concerned about their families' financial problems. In contrast, only 18% of parents believed this was a cause of concern for their children.

Features and Functions

Calm Kids get based on the theory of holistic development, which emphasizes the formation of beneficial habits, increased intellect, and the release of negative emotions in children. It's all calming strategies for kids.

Calm Kids is the first Mindfulness product in Vietnam for calming kids. It focuses on helping children develop healthy habits, improve their intellect, and let go of harmful emotions through inside out emotions activities.

Furthermore, having parental assistance in 10-minute daily workouts updated monthly, diversified, and grouped into four primary areas.

·  Mindfulness: Positive emotions and a focus on the present moment can help your child develop a solid mental foundation.

·  Music: Relax with a soothing melody that brings calm and tranquillity.

·  Yoga: Stimulating physical growth in order to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

·  Bedtime Stories: They may easily relax and fall asleep while also exercising their imagination and creativity with the help of motivating and entrancing voiceovers.


The category Music, with its unique characteristics, is calming for kids in getting a better night's sleep and focuses on the contents inside, such as attentive tales, warm voices, and specific podcasts for children.

Inspirational tales spoken in a kind voice can help children fall quickly and effortlessly, establishing an excellent bedtime habit. It is one of the calming techniques for kids. All of the tales in Calm Kids are unique, thoughtfully crafted, and hand-picked to encourage children's imagination and creativity.

The conflict before bedtime will no longer concern of parents with our bedtime tales and Mindfulness exercises to release energy. Let's enter into the realm of mindfulness and magical bedtime tales to relax and fall asleep, only a few breaths away from a good night's sleep.

User Interface of Calm Kids

Calm kids app offers an extremely pleasant and elegant interface. More than two dozen of natural and perfectly engineered voices and scenes are added to be used for yoga, meditation, and before sleep. The interactive app is loaded with tons of unique and relaxing stories and features to bless you with mindfulness. These hundreds of engaging stories are crafted to gift you a peaceful sleep.

On a daily basis, a 10-minute program is added to ease your day. Weekly and twenty-day programs are scheduled with regular remainders. So you never miss your daily dose of mindfulness.

The Bottom Line

Children may utilize guided mindfulness meditations to find the way to a peaceful, focused, and joyful existence. It will assist your youngster in being more focused and attentive, maintaining psychological wellbeing, reducing anxiety and tension, and encouraging creativity.

Our inventive, engaging tales and mindfulness tools also teach social skills, personal values, and healthy limits. All of this is available via our breathing and relaxation exercises. All you have to do is install the Calm Kids application on your phone and start your kid's mindful journey right now.

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Calm Kids

Mindfulness, Sleep, Stories and Yoga

Calm Kids