Sleep, Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids

Instilling good habits and a mindful lifestyle in our future generations

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More than 100 exclusive contents in diverse topics that are constantly produced and updated


Nurture a strong mental foundation for your baby with positive emotions and focus on the present moment.


Stimulating the physical development to be healthy and balance


Relax with melodious tune, bringing peace and tranquility

Bedtime Stories

Easily wind down and fall asleep, exercise their imagination and creativity through inspirational and enchanting voiceovers

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User rating

I use the app for my 3-year-old baby, I find that he really likes it, especially the story telling part, I hope the next updates will have more interesting content.
Ky Anh Hoang


Calm Kids really surprised me with the features that the app brings, during the pandemic at home, but my two children still have playgrounds that are both safe, useful and cognitively developed. Parents are encouraged to download Calm Kids for their babies!
Duong Tra


I downloaded the app to try it out, it's quite good, many features are not available in other apps. I especially like the part about reading stories to children, the stories are carefully selected, the voice is very good, every night we listen to them before going to bed.
Trang Ng


The music is really calming, it helps me focus more easily. Thank you.
Tran Ho Thuy An


Calm Anywhere

Sync devices

Access and use content on multiple devices simultaneously.


The content and exercises are supported in both English and Vietnamese languages


Timer and reminder feature to help build good habits

Emotion Diary

Track your children's moods and emotions

Exercise suggestions

Suggest exercises to improve your children's mood using Artificial Intelligence

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