Sleep, Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids

Instilling good habits and a mindful lifestyle in our future generations

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More than 100 exclusive contents in diverse topics that are constantly produced and updated


Nurture a strong mental foundation for your baby with positive emotions and focus on the present moment.


Stimulating the physical development to be healthy and balance


Relax with melodious tune, bringing peace and tranquility

Bedtime Stories

Easily wind down and fall asleep, exercise their imagination and creativity through inspirational and enchanting voiceovers

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OMG, the daily yoga practices in Calm Kids are awesome! The animations are super cute and the instructions are really easy to follow. It makes me feel so calm and happy. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to chill out and feel good.
Charlotte Brown

United States

Every story I played for my daughter, she would never hear the end cause she falls to sleep so fast! It was a complete game changer for me and my husband. I am so thankful to have finally found an app that would put my daughter to sleep; in DEEP sleep!! I can never thank you enough, Calm Kids crew!!!
Emily Johnson

United States

If you're struggling with a lively child who has ADHD and Autism, the Calm Kids app is a game-changer! As a parent in the same boat, I cannot overstate how grateful I am for this app. It's the only tool that truly helps my child calm down, especially at bedtime.

Sarah Rodriguez

United States

As a child psychologist, I highly recommend Calm Kids to parents looking for an effective tool to help their children manage mental challenges like ADHD and anxiety. This app is user-friendly, and my clients have seen significant improvements in their overall well-being.
Michael Thompson

United States

Calm Anywhere

Sync devices

Access and use content on multiple devices simultaneously.


The content and exercises are supported in both English and Vietnamese languages


Timer and reminder feature to help build good habits

Emotion Diary

Track your children's moods and emotions

Exercise suggestions

Suggest exercises to improve your children's mood using Artificial Intelligence

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