Growing Serenity with Customized Yoga for Kids

Unleash magic on a serene yoga adventure with expert-recommended, kid-friendly sequences and poses for strength, flexibility, and inner peace.

Inhale calm, exhale worry
Calm Kids helps kids regulate their minds & bodies through our collections

Family Exercises

Experience the joy of family yoga through playful movement and shared moments.

Family Exercises

Experience the serenity and togetherness of our soothing "Family Exercises" collection. Find solace in the comforting "Child" pose, allowing relaxation to envelop you like a gentle embrace. Sway gracefully in the serene "Lean On Me" routine, fostering a sense of balance and connection between family members. Experience the soothing rhythm of "Bumblebee Breath," guiding your little ones to a state of calm and focus. Encourage them to explore the tranquility of "Downward Facing Dog," stretching and unwinding their bodies in harmony. Discover tranquility, nurture relationships, and achieve balance with our curated yoga collection.


Spark kids' energy with our starter pack of easy yoga poses for calming relaxation.

Starter Deck

Our Starter Yoga Collection is a curated set of easy poses for kids venturing into yoga. At this stage, parents play a crucial role in supporting their child's yoga journey, nurturing confidence, and deepening their bond through this shared experience. The collection contains some highlighted poses, namely the Easy pose, which promotes comfort and calm; the Volcano pose, which builds balance and inner strength; the Child pose, which offers rest and relaxation; and the Banana pose, which encourages spine stretching and playful movement. These sequences engage young yogis, fostering coordination, flexibility, and body awareness.

Create Calm

Guide your little ones towards serenity with calming yoga practices.

Create Calm

Step into a world of tranquility with our enchanting "Create Calm" collection of yoga poses. Explore alongside your child as each pose becomes a delightful adventure. Experience the joyous bounce of "Bounce Angle," releasing tension and feeling light as a feather. Find solace in the peaceful embrace of "Corpse," letting go of worries. Unleash imagination with the playful "Child" pose, inviting wonder and creativity. Feel the power of nature in the majestic "Volcano" pose, erupting with laughter and vitality. Engage in this curated collection to foster calmness. Let your child's spirit soar with the magic of these engaging yoga poses.

Deep Sleep

Take your child on a dreamy sleep adventure with calming melodies and peaceful meditations.

Deep Sleep

Enter the realm of deep sleep and embark on a tranquil adventure with our enchanting "Deep Sleep" yoga poses collection. Crafted to immerse both parents and children in serenity and peaceful slumber, this collection features magical exercises like "Cat," "Cow," and "Child" that transport you to a land of tranquility. Explore the wonders of poses like the "Corpse" and "Legs up the wall," where worries melt away and restfulness is found. With soothing meditations and gentle sounds, embrace a state of pure bliss. Awaken refreshed, ready to embrace every adventure. Unleash the power of deep sleep for rejuvenation and bonding between parents and children.

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