Inner Balance
for Little Ones

Join us on a journey of mindfulness for kids. Our app offers easy tools to reduce stress and find balance.

Inhale calm, exhale worry
Calm Kids helps kids regulate their minds & bodies through simple mindfulness practices.


Empower your child with captivating "Focus" activities! Enhance concentration & joy.


Give children the incredible advantage of our "Focus" activity! Children will find a variety of exciting exercises designed to captivate their attention. By engaging in mindful exercises such as Safari adventure, Finger Fiddle, Tasting yummy foods, and Hand washing, your child will develop a stronger ability to concentrate, enhancing their focus in various aspects of life. Our goal is to provide your child with a friendly and supportive environment to enhance their focus and concentration abilities. By focus techniques, your child will develop mental clarity, boost productivity, and achieve a greater sense of accomplishment.


Discover serenity with "Calm" activities. Guided meditations, mindfulness tools for inner peace.


Imagine immersing yourself in a serene sanctuary, where stress and worries melt away. Our "Calm" activity invites your child to experience just that. Through guided meditations, peaceful music, and soothing visuals, they will find a space to relax their mind and discover inner peace. By applying deep breathing and feelings check-in techniques in mindful exercises such as Mindful Jar to Balance breathing or Fist Squeeze your child will embark on a journey of mindfulness and learn valuable techniques to calm their mind and body. These exercises are like little tools that they can use whenever they feel stressed or simply in need of a moment of tranquility.

Open your heart

Nurture compassion in your child with "Open Your Heart" activities. Embrace kindness & joy.

Open your heart

Guide your child on a remarkable journey of compassion and empathy with our transformative activities! Through deep breathing and feelings check-in techniques in our “Open your heart” category, your child will learn to connect with their emotions and understand the importance of treating themselves and others with kindness. By practicing loving-kindness meditation and gratitude through exercises such as Sitting with it and Wish you a nice dance, your child will experience the liberating joy that comes from opening their heart and understand that kindness has the power to create positive ripples of change in the world around them.

Start a day

Encouraging blissful mornings with “Start a Day” exercises. Let’s foster a positive mindset and resilience.

Start a day

Start your day with a burst of positivity and excitement with our "Start a Day" category! In this category, children will find a variety of exercises to choose from. They can start their day with the soothing "Morning Rhythm" exercise or indulge in our "Relaxing Hot Chocolate" exercise, which will help them find their inner balance through gentle movements and rhythmic breathing. By setting the Stage for Restful Nights through flow of emotions and starting their day with positivity, your child will feel more energized, centered, and ready to take on any challenges that come their way.

7 days of Calm Kids

Teach kids calming strategies to use every day.


The Mindful Shower

4 mintues
Open your heart

Everything Changes

12 mintues

Blow on a Pin Wheel

5 minutes

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