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We understand the importance of mental and physical well-being in today's fast-paced world, and we believe that mindfulness is a key tool to promote calm and balance in children's lives.

Together, we are on a mission to empower children with mindfulness techniques and watch them grow into their best selves.

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Mindfulness for Kids 101

Have you ever wondered what contributes the most to a child's proper growth? It is at the parents' and teachers' part to find out such activities that can assist in mindfulness and promoting happiness in life for kids. There are some simple practices that can do wonders to a child's brain while making him turn out as a well-focused individual. At different stages of life, a kid goes through certain phases of learning accompanied by different challenges. 

These challenges can be dealt properly if they are guided in a way that builds a sense of responsibility, stay calm in every situation, and find out suitable solutions. Various mindfulness activities for kids are introduced as part and parcel of education in institutes, and results are quite appreciable. Practicing these activities is therapeutic for kids and can enhance their learning skills in the future. Let's find out how mindfulness can significantly contribute to the mental and physical well-being of children.

What is meant by Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a state of paying attention to whatever is happening around without being judgmental. A mindful kid knows well how to deal with thoughts, emotions and react to certain situations while maintaining self-control. It is also about how children respond to challenges as well as stressful scenarios getting in the way of learning. 

Different mindfulness group activities contribute to building an accessible, versatile, and flexible approach for children. You might be wondering what is the idea behind mindfulness activities. Let's discover how mindful meditation can do wonders in the overall well-being and development of kids. 

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Children of all ages need to have a sound and well-focused mind to learn and achieve goals in a better way. To make it possible, experts have worked on different mindfulness activities for kids. It can not only enhance their learning skills but also work as a relief therapy for anxiety and stressful situations. Explore some of these meditative practices for kids!

Being Friendly

The first and the most important step in meditation and mindfulness for kids is to be the friend of your children. It is all in your hands to make your children comfortable with you. Engage with them in all such activities that they want to learn. Don't be judgmental and avoid rebuking them at this learning stage. Make them fearless, and it will make them understand well. So, mindfulness group activities are a crucial part of the mental upbringing of children. 

Mindful Drawings

Drawing and sketching is such an activity that improves the focus. As they move a pen or pencil on the paper, they devote themselves to achieving the goal by doing something different. For this purpose, you can try doodling, then move on to smooth drawing practice, coloring, and sketching anything from the surroundings. It will also give the kids a break from stress.

Walking a Maze

Maze is the true depiction of challenges in life. You face the problem and do your thought process for finding out the right solution. It also teaches that there is always a solution to every problem coming on the way. Among various mindfulness activities for kids, walking a maze can make them learn a lot. They can practice controlling emotional responses, can focus well, and find out suitable solutions. Make sure not to leave your kids alone in this activity, as your support is going to produce better results ultimately.

Yoga and Breathing Activities

Yoga and breathing activities are soothing for the mind and body. According to the demographics, "Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns for children and adults, affecting upwards of 20% of children and adolescents over the lifespan." With this consideration, experts suggest yoga for kids and adults to relieve stress. 

Mindfulness 101 – Anxiety Apps for Kids

With the advancement in technology and increasing awareness regarding mindfulness for kids, various applications have been introduced with different meditative activities to practice with ease. Such an application is Calm Kids.

This app focuses on mindfulness and meditation for children with a mission to improve mental health. The activities that are programmed under this application helps children in coping up with routine stress and anxiety. Calm Kids team aims the wellness of children to develop a positive approach. With this app, kids can practice to de-stress, calming down, and navigating the complexity of emotions in every situation. 

While focusing on the benefits of mindfulness that include:

· Better focus, self-control, participation, and attention. 

· Productive outcome in academics and ability to find out solutions.

· Reduction of stress, anxiety, and any sort of depression. 

Calm Kids application has encompassed all of these areas and introduced meditative activities make it a habit for kids in routine. These mindfulness activities for kids consist of:

· Nurturing a strong mental foundation for a baby with positive emotions and focus on the present moment.

· Yoga activities to stimulate physical development to be healthy and balanced.

· Music for relaxation with a melodious tune, bringing peace and tranquility.

· Bedtime stories that assist in easily winding down and falling asleep. It also helps children in exercising their imagination and creativity through inspirational and enchanting voiceovers.

Unique Features of Calm Kids Application

Wondering why Calm Kids is better than any other anxiety apps for kids? It promotes three primary features that no other app possesses. You can achieve the wellness goals for kids by making them habitual of mindfulness practices, yoga, and sleeping well with enhanced imagination strength. In addition, it facilitates the users with multiple options like:

· Access and use content on multiple devices simultaneously

· Timer and reminder feature to help build good habits

· Track your children's moods and emotions

· Suggest exercises to improve your children's mood using Artificial Intelligence

In addition, children can explore the world of mindfulness with cute and lovely characters including Maya, Milly, Dede, Franco, Dog Megalu, and many more. These interactive characters will keep your child engaged while filling his heart with happiness. 

The Bottom Line

It is a common observation that due to busy schedules and hectic job routines, it has become difficult for parents to give proper time to kids with the idea to engage them in mindful activities. However, the applications like Calm Kids are the best assistance to save time, and doing that is mandatory for a mentally and physically proper brought up of children. All you need to do is, download the application Calm Kids on your phone and get started with mindfulness activities for kids.

Calm Kids

Mindfulness, Sleep, Stories and Yoga

Calm Kids